Faves: Parisian kiss.

My go at a chilled/lo-fi/lounge vibe mix. Starts soft, blisses out for a bit before getting a little groovy towards the end.

It was my first go at a ‘lounge’ sound, I hope you enjoy the groove...lol.

parisian kiss

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01. Easy Listening. Coffee time.

02. DJ Krush ft Esthero. Final home (Piano mix).

03. Sandboy and Nanar. Night song (J.J. Webster remix).

04. Bob Harz. Somebody loves me.

05. Jen meets Solar Moon. Asleep.

06. Husky Rescue. New light of tomorrow (Bonobo remix).

07. Ancient Astronauts. Until the stars go out.

08. Coldcut. Autumn leaves (French vocal).

09. Bonobo. Ketto.

10. Jon Kennedy. Tributes and dedications (Flevans remix).

11. Visioneers. Runnin.

12. A Reminiscent Drive. Ambrosia.

13. Didier Sustrac. Tout seul.

14. Late Lounge Lover. Hacienda.

15. Variety Lab. London in the rain.

16. Coco Steel & Love Bomb. Yachts (A Man Called Adam Mix).