Chilled summer vibes.

Bit of a mish-mash of sounds and genres.

chilled summer vibes

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Old and new together, no big beats, but a load of summer vibes, ideal as the sun sets.

01. Madonna vs Pryda. 4 minutes to pjanoo.

02. Eric Prydz. I got a feelin for this pjanoo (Sandro Motte private mash up).

03. Alex Gaudino & Jerma. Little love (Mike’s 05 re-edit).

04. OTC. The year of the cat (Alex Gaudino & Paul Sander original mix).

05. Pray for More. Shame (Belocca & Soneec vocal mix).

06. Electronutz. Home with you (Original G-Clubber remix).

07. Nightcrawlers. Push the feeling on (2008 mix).

08. Michael Gray. The Weekend (DJ Chus & David Penn stereo dub mix).

09. The Disco Boys. I love you so (Dennis Hurwitz remix).

10. The Original. I love you baby (Dancing Divaz club mix).