The Bruni-Sarkozy website.

We have no words, ok, well maybe a few.

Former first lady of France Carla Bruni-Sarkozy new charitable website cost the French taxpayers roughly €410,000 (£350,000). Yep, you heard right...€410, a recession; sorry lets expand that...€410,000 in France in a recession.

Whilst the cost is high, and nothing for an enterprise website; the real shock is the quality of the website for that price. It is not an enterprise website; in reality, it is nothing more than a slightly bespoke small business CMS website, a poorly built one at that.

Built on Wordpress (Free...btw), it has apparently cost on average €61,000 a month for a team to manage and update it, and has failed to work properly since its creation. When we looked at it, it still had problems.

To give you an idea of what it should have cost, see our blog post on UK website design costs, and look at the ranges quoted by a freelance professional with CMS and those of a small agency. If we were to attach a price to it we would go for £500 to £1,500 if built by a UK freelancer, £2k to £5k if built by a mid weight agency, £10k to £15k if built by a major. Puts the listed price

PS: We have not linked to it here, because it keeps crashing.