Agent Smith.

Second full go at a hopefully seamless progressive Drum & Bass mix.

Starts soft, goes all progressive and lovely, ends hard. Sorry to all the bass heads who like more tracks, I’m an interloper trying his luck with dnb, so please be gentle with the feedback. Done just to see if I should attempt more dnb and at only 55 minutes it won’t outstay its welcome.

agent smith

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01. Eveson. Simply.

02. Edward Oberon. Paradise.

03. Spor ft Tasha Baxter. Overdue.

04. Seba. Blaze and fade out (Maxi version).

05. Seba ft. Kirsty Hawkshaw. The joy (Face To Face).

06. Bjork. All is full of love (Chris.SU Remix).

07. Deep Focus. Can’t find the words (Original Mix).

08. BCEE. Help you (Shock One remix).

09. Rufige Kru. Monkey boy (Original Sin remix).

10. Black Sun Empire. B'negative (SKC and Chris.SU remix).

11. FSOL. Papua New Guinea (TitanZERO remix).