A soundtrack to the film in my head. I never thought I’d do another chillout mix, but I hopefully give you 78 minutes of emotion, peace and a little darkness.


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01. Chanticleer. Voices of autumn.

02. Talk Talk. The rainbow.

03. Emily Barker and The Red Clay Halo. Pause (The Shadow Line OST).

04. Radiohead. Codex.

05. Vangelis. Prologue (Blade Runner OST).

06. 351 Lake Shore Drive. Nylon (Original Version).

07. Carbon Based Lifeforms. World of sleepers (Original version).

08. Vangelis. Keep asking (Blade Runner OST).

09. Lisa Gerrard and Pieter Bourke. See the sun (Ali OST).

10. Vangelis. Damask rose (Blade Runner OST).

11. Vangelis. Tears in rain.

12. Oceanlab. Breaking Ties (Flow Mix).

13. Moonman. Galaxia (Eliot J remix).

14. Hans Zimmer and Marie Brennan. All of them (King Arthur OST).

15. Hans Zimmer. A small measure of peace (The Last Samurai OST).

16. Barber. Adagio for strings (Platoon OST).