A mix full of quietness, ambience and space.

Call it self-indulgent, but I wanted to put together a long summer chill mix, so here it is - 104 minutes of chill / ambient / classical / soundtrack loveliness.


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01. Nitin Sawnhey. Ghost image.

02. Passengers. Ito Akashi.

03. G8. An inconvenient truth (Oh my soul).

04. Jack Lenz. Garden (The passion of the Christ OST).

05. Hans Zimmer. Air (The Thin Red Line OST).

06. James Horner. Hector's death (Troy OST).

07. Manvel Ter Pogosyan & Soren S. Tears of Armenia (Ambient mix).

08. Jack Lenz. On Golgotha (The passion of the Christ OST).

09. Forerunners. Dragonfly (Adrien Aubrun ambient mix).

10. Forerunners. Lifecycle (Forerunners offshore ambient mix).

11. Vangelis. Prologue (Bladerunner OST).

12. Vangelis. Tears in rain (Bladerunner OST).

13. Agnelli & Nelson. Holding on to nothing (Chillout mix).

14. Jes. Heaven (Myon mix).

15. Vangelis. Keep asking (Bladerunner OST).

16. John Williams. The search for the blue fairy (Artificial Intelligence OST).

17. Armin Van Buuren ft. Jan Vayne. Serenity (Orchestral version).

18. John Williams. Where dreams are born (End credits) (Artificial Intelligence OST).

19. Kayot. One week in Cuba.

20. Accadia. Into the dawn (Accadia ambient mix).

21. Manvel Ter Pogosyan & Soren S. Sand in your shoes (Rising morning chillout mix).

22. Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard. The protector of Rome (Gladiator OST).

23. Allegri. Miserere.

24. Debussy. Clair de lune.

25: Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard - Not yet (Gladiator OST).