Original soundtrack 1.

Part of my genre series of mixes. First go at a soundtrack feel.


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01. Tangerine Dream. Love on a real train.

02. Brian Eno. An ending (Ascent).

03. M83. Moonchild.

04. Braindub. Growing.

05. Jean Michel Jarre. Oxygene, Pt IV.

06. Eric Serra. Cute name.

07. Leonard Cohen. Spoken word.

08. Moby. God moving over the face of the waters.

09. Roberta Flack. First time ever I saw your face.

10. KD Lang. Hallelujah.

11. Vangelis. Prologue.

12. Nick Drake. River man.

13. Vangelis. Tears in rain.

14. Nuyorcian Soul. I am the black gold of the sun.

15. Goldie. Inner city life.

16. Leftfield. Swords.

17. The Engine Room. A perfect lie.