Hearts desire.

My 2nd go at a lounge type sound...enjoy.

hearts desire

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01. Beach Cafe. Grooves del Mar (Sundowner mix).

02. Rightthing ft Lo Vita. Night and day.

03. Velvet Park. Project deluxe (Lounge after 8pm mix).

04. Rangiroa. La Isabela beach (Original mix).

05. By the Way. Between you and me.

06. Superloop. Be.

07. Milews. Moments in love (Chill mix).

08. Spiller. Cry baby (Royksopp's Malselves memorabilia mix).

09. Femi Kuti. Sorry, sorry (Old school afro dub).

10. Cane Garden Quartet. Como A Aguia.

11. Bebel Gilberto. Cada Beijo.

12. Jojo Effect. Not with me.

13. Sola Rosa ft Iva Lamkum. Turn around (Kinski's bossa remix).

14. Kieser Velten. Bossa jam.

15. Mo' Horizons. Green day.