Session 4.

This was originally released as guestmix number 184 for Pure Trance Sounds in April 2015. Now renamed to bring it in line with my Session series of hard trance mixes. :-)

baz watkins session four 300

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All the best, Baz.

01. Yans. Rai Reva (Original Mix).

02. Kenny Hayes. Ibiza Sky (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix).

03. Purple Stories & Static Blue. Seoni (Falcon Remix).

04. Bobina ft Shahin Badar. Delusional (Ahmed Romel Remix).

05. Basil O'Glue. Seven Sages (Liam Wilson Remix).

06. Tangle. Oblivion (Original Mix).

07. Mark Sherry. The Pillars Of Creation (Original Mix).

08. Future Disciple. The Mayans Are Coming Back (Original Mix).

09. UCast & George Kamelon. Jump (Original Mix).

10. Aly & Fila ft Karim Youssef. Laily (Photographer Remix).

11. Solarstone. Nothing But Chemistry Here (Sean Tyas Remix).

12. Armin Van Buuren ft. Sharon Den Adel. In & Out Of Love (Aimoon & Ma2shek Bootleg).

13. Lisa Lashes. Numero Uno (Indecent Noise Acidfest Remix).