Some of my favourite Oliver Lieb tunes, I hope you enjoy it. All the best, Baz W.


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01. Saints & Sinners. Peace (Oliver Lieb remix).

02. LSG. Hidden sun of Venus (Oliver Lieb remix).

03. Utah Saints. Lost vagueness (Oliver Lieb mix).

04. Humate. Love stimulation (Oliver Lieb softmix).

05. LSG. Netherworld (2005 Oliver Lieb remix).

06. Ambassador. Fade (Oliver Lieb remix).

07. Natious. Amber (Oliver Lieb remix).

08. Oliver Lieb vs. Preach. Papel (Preach remix).

09. LSG. - I'm Not Existing (Oliver Lieb Main Mix).

10. Transa. Prophase(L.S.G. mix).

11. Push. Universal nation(Oliver Lieb remix).

12. Resistance D. You Were There (Oliver Lieb Remix Edit).

13. LSG. Hearts (Original mix).

14. Oliver Lieb. Subraumstimulation (Baz’s ‘main mix’ double edit).