Who am I?

Pure, dark, progressive, minimal tech  house / trance mix. Listen with headphones to get the full aural atmosphere, there’s a lot of low bass going on.

If you like ‘Travelogue’, you’ll love this. Enjoy.

Image courtesy of Negative Feedback (Deviant Art).

who am i

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01.  Apparat. Arcadia (Sasha Inol2ver remix).

02.  Ladytron. Destroy everything you touch (Sasha Inol2ver remix).

03.  Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile ft Tomomi Ukumori. Cripsis (Quivver remix).

04.  James Harcourt. Moob (Quivver’s Moob Deep Remix).

05.  Couture ft Rachelle. Afterglow (Eelke Kleijn remix).

06.  Trentemoller. Moan (Radioslave vocal remix).

07.  Gui Boratto. No turning back (Wighnomy’s likkalize love rekksmi).

08.  Electric Rescue. Vetetroi (Ryan Davis from far away re-edit).

09.  Andrea Mattioli. Twister (Dandi & Ugo remix).

10.  Nick Muir. G platz (James Harcourt remix).

11.  Quivver. Surin (Lutzenkirchen remix).