Session 2.

Following on from where Session 1 left off, I give you tunes a deaf man would struggle to avoid.

These are the best mixes I could find, designed to lift you up, throw you about a bit, and leave you broken and twisted on the floor.

baz watkins session two 300

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01. Ehren Stowers. Hidden depths (Sunny Lax remix).

02. Marcus Schulz vs Andy Moor. Daydream (Ronski Speed remix).

03. DJ Eremit. Tanz der seele (YOMC club mix).

04. Reminder ft Alynn Carter. Fortitude (Carl B dub remix).

05. Destination X. Discovery (Artic Moon progressive trance mix).

06. Mark Sherry pres Outburst. A star within a star (Mark Sherry’s trance energy mix).

07. Sly One vs Jurrane. Second summer (Original mix).

08. Talla 2XLC vs Carl B ft Katie Marne. Giving up, giving in (Keep the fire burning ) (Sean Tyas mix).

09. Beam ft Michelle Aragon. Silent tears (Sean Tyas remix).

10. Foundry. Believe (Jorn Van Deynhoven remix).

11. TGL vs Elements. Palermo Stone (Tragida pres Afterstar remix).

12. Jerom. Eyes of an Angel (Matt Pincer remix).