Tribal...yay, dark and brooding...I hope you like it!

tribo dino

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01. Rodrigo Baron Ft Marcello Passini. Take your pills (Ralph Factory tribalicious mix).

02. D-Unity. Stereo freak (Tribal Overdose mix).

03. Livewater. The right time is now (Original mix).

04. JJ Romero. Tu Energia Por El Ritmo (Original tribal mix).

05. DJ Van Cronkhite. In my hands (J Verner tribal trip remix).

06. Edson Pride. Do you feel what I feel (Original Tribe mix).

07. Boogie Boys. Higher love (Arnold Palmer tribal long).

08. Escobar. Tribal De Los Pobres (DJ Antro Circuit remix).

09. Tribal Kings. To the beat of the drum (Drum original mix).

10. Randy Friess. The movement (Midnight Society tribal subversion mix).