Escape away.

Fusing elements of chillout, ambient, movie soundtracks, a little rock and a little opera. Escape away for 80 minutes, turn the lights off, close your eyes and just relax.

escape away

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01. Yann Tiersen. Comptine d'un autre été (Amelie OST).

02. Moby. God moving over the face of the waters (Heat OST).

03. Bedrock. Beautiful strange (Bedrock’s ambient beats).

04. Whirl & Mayer. Heaven Above (DJ Whirl sunrise mix).

05. Hans Zimmer. To know my enemy (The Last Samurai OST).

06. Nick Drake. River man.

07. Jose Gonzalez. Heartbeats.

08. Andrea Bocelli. Sogno (Classical).

09. David Gray. The other side.

10. Keane. Bedshaped.

11. Alanis Morissette. Uninvited.

12. Future Sound of London. Ill flower (Ambient).

13. Kayot. One week in Cuba.

14. Sonar. Moments in love (Part 3).

15. Liquid Motion ft Georgia. All the time (New horizon).

16. Elliot Goldenthal. Coffee shop (Heat OST).

17. Dolphin’s Talk. Look into the future (Interlude).

18. Signfield. Sunrise theme.

19. Yann Tiersen. La valse d’Amelie (Amelie OST).