Session 1.

Picks you up, throws you about a bit, then drops you down gently - ish.

baz watkins session one 300

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01. Dave 202. Rain against her (Original mix).

02. Armin vs Tiesto. Yet another suburban train (Armin vs XDR bootleg).

03. Blank & Jones ft Robert Smith. A forest (Ron Van Den Beuken remix).

04. Dazzle. Backwards (Mark Sherry’s outburst mix).

05. Akira Kayosa. Collective hysteria (Original mix).

06. Aurosonic. Solar breath (Ferrin & Low remix).

07. Mariola. Music travel (Simon Hunt remix).

08. Ehren Stowers. Icarus (Original mix).

09. David & Carr. Lost in London (Harris C remix).

10. Ben Gold. Ten 4 (Original mix).

11. Paul Van Dyk. Nothing but you (Indecent Noise rework).

12. NZK. Crop circles (Original mix).