Hard trance, top stuff!


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01. Sonecta. Skyriders (Beatseekers remix).

02. Ricky M. Solo.

03. Rozza ft Tiff Lacey. No more rain (Rozza vs Kiholm dub).

04. Oakenfold ft One Rebublic. Not over (Adam White remix).

05. Luke Terry & Kopi Luwak ft Tiff Lacey. Fall into the moon (Akemi club mix).

06. Mauro Picotto. Back to Cali (Push remix).

07. DJ Tommyboy. The insider (Ben Gold mix).

08. The Viceroy. Affirmative action (Dark dub).

09. Bushi. Blown away (Original mix).

10. Sensorica & Omen. Another day (Adam Navel remix).

11. Aurosonic. Solar breath (Ferrin & Low remix).