Accept no substitute 2.

My very second mix, no, wait, that doesn't sound right. Here was my second attempt at mixing music, faults and all.

ans 2

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01. Kelly Osbourne. One Word (Chris Cox Club remix).

02. The Roc. Project ft. Tina Arena. Never (DJ Tiesto mix).

03. Sugababes. Red dress (DC More Energy mix).

04. Syntax. Pray.

05. Grace. Not over yet (Matt Darey mix edit).

06. Tin Tin Out. Strings for Yasmin (Matt Darey remix).

07. Matt Darey vs Tall Paul ft. Alabama 3. No submission (Ext. house mix).

08. Tori Amos. Professional widow (Armand's star trunk funkin mix).

09. Olive. You’re not alone (Control Z remix).

10. Tilt. Children (Tilt's Courtyard mix).

11. Ian van Dahl. Will I (Hemstock & Jennings remix).

12. Three Drives. Greece 2000 (Lost Tribe vs Miro mix).

13. ATB. 9pm (Till I come) (Matt Darey remix).

14. Future Sound of London. Papua New Guinea (Main-Path).

15. Kylie Minogue. Confide In Me (Unreleased remix).