Dodge this.

This is one of my favourite mixes and I’ve gone with tracks I know and love, so look out for the sublime Seba track and the brutally good final FSOL track.

Only 9 tracks so if its pants, you've only lost an hour.

dodge this

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01. Luniz. I got 5 on it (Aphrodite’s original dub plate).

02. Seba. Blaze and fade out (Maxi version).

03. Lamb. Gorecki (Global Communication mix).

04. Adam F. Circles (Original mix).

05. The Streets. It’s too late (High Contrast remix).

06. Bad Company. The nine.

07. Matrix & Fierce. Climate (Cause 4 Concern remix).

08. Future Sound of London. Papua New Guinea (Wicka remix).

09. Future Sound of London. Papua New Guinea (Titan Zero remix).