Voyager night road.

Part of the genre series of soundtracks. For the open road, as the world sleeps.

voyager night road

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01. BT. Satellite.

02. Mike Oldfield. Let there be light.

03. Paul Oakenfold. Nixon’s spirit.

04. Goldfrapp. Utopia.

05. Duran Duran. Out of my mind.

06. QOTSA. No one knows.

07. Placebo. Without you I’m nothing.

08. Nick Drake. River man.

09. Kylie Minogue. Confide in me.

10. Rob Dougan. Clubbed to death.

11. Vangelis. Prologue.

12. Massive Attack. Teardrop.

13. Mazzy Star. Fade into you.

14. Leftfield. Swords.

15. The Space Brothers. Your place in the world.

16. Sasha. Baja.

17. Gabriel & Dresden. A perfect lie.