Session 5.

A hard trance mix done in 2016 which I then promptly forgot to upload. :-)

baz watkins session five 300

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All the best, Baz.

01. Michael Jay Parker & Jan Miller. Shinowata (Paul Webster Remix).

02. Ehren Stowers. Solar Dreams (Mike Nichol Remix).

03. Liam Wilson. Escarpins (Will Rees Remix).

04. DJ Misjah & DJ Tim. Access (John Askew Remix).

05. Harmonic Rush & Ahmed Romel. Sevda (Original Mix).

06. Outside The Bounds. Orbiter (UCast Remix).

07. John Askew. Shine (Sean Tyas Remix).

08. Johnny Yono. Pulverize (Original Mix).

09. Future Disciple. The Mayans Are Coming Back (Original Mix).

10. The Noble Six. Meteora (Original Mix).

11. Alessandra Roncone & Mark L. Sky Guardians (Acid Mix).

12. Kaimo K. Mayhem (Paul Denton Remix).