A blend of progressive, deep, electro, tribal and minimal house.


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01. Chris Reece. The fall (Original vocal mix).

02. Shawn Mitiska & Joey Medina. After hours ensemble (David West remix).

03. Andrea Doria vs LXR. Beauty of silence (Inpetto full vox mix)

04. King Don. Miss Don (Original mix).

05. Supafly Inc. Be together (Danny Dove & Steve Smart vocal mix).

06. Jonat Vega ft Oscar Marks. Work me (Daniel Herdz tribal mix).

07. Perfect Lovers. Welcome (Thomas Gold & Chris Montana tribal mix).

08. Carl Cox vs Yousef. I want you forever (Deadmau5 remix).

09. Atrax ft Andy. Hard to love (Get far remix).

10. Benny Benassi ft Naan. Who’s your daddy (David Guetta & Joachim Garraud remix).

11. Tomer G. Seven nation army (Roi Tochner club mix).

12. Alex Party. Read my lips (Raul Rincon mix).

13. Lil Mo Ying Yang. Reach (TV Rock mix).

14. Red-eye. I am android (Olav Basoski remix).