Aberystwyth branding, please invest locally.

Let me say straight up, I do not know how accurate this is, but apparently, the rebranding of Aberystwyth is going to cost in the region of £65k. The cost is the cost, I have no problem with the budget, but if it is true, I hope the money is being given to local design and marketing businesses, and not spent on outside agencies in Cardiff, Manchester or London.

I feel that if it is true, a trick will be missed. In respect to promoting Aberystwyth, I feel it is better to look inward for ideas than paying top dollar for an outside agency to import theirs. If nothing else, Aberystwyth businesses would offer better cost value. We should look to those in Aberystwyth for inspiration; we certainly have the right people.

Aberystwyth has a unique personality, its location dictates that. Yes, it is a bit careworn around the edges, and yes, maybe those in charge could do more, but it would be a great first step if they were to invest in local businesses, especially in terms of brand development.

There is maybe an argument for outside eyes, but I bet every penny I have that the same old soft targets would be brought out of Aberystwyth as a Victorian seaside town with its Victorian promenade etc.

How about promoting it as an all year round sporting destination, or as a place to hold unique social events? We should consider Aber Cycle Fest, and the returning Big Tribute Festival, as templates for the future.

The town has so much more to offer. We should involve local business, and use the skills we have in abundance, and look inward to our creative thinkers, I guarantee you it will be money well spent.

You might say I have a stake in seeing the money spent with local agencies, but we have successful companies such as InSynch and FBA in town, and I bet they could deliver branding that defines Aberystwyth better than those hipsters in Cardiff.

Thanks, whinge over, regards, Baz.