The Aberystwyth storms of January 2014.

Living in Aberystwyth during the storms was a faintly surreal experience. A mix of calm and panic came over the town, the locals for the most part were calm, the authorities a little less so.

For me, it was a prolonged opportunity to get photos. Of those taken, most were pants, but a few passed muster. I also got soaked a lot, but it was worth it.

Aberystwyth-Storm-damage-2014-sml-DSC 0797Over 2 weeks, I was out most days and the odd night. Parts of the promenade were lost to the sea, but for the most part, it and the harbour survived the onslaught. As a testament to Victorian build quality, it was impressive.

Over those 2 weeks, the students were evacuated, my feet got wet, and the Police got overtime. By the time it was all over, the late to the party press and politicians had all gone, and all that was left was the clean up and memories of 50 foot waves hitting the seafront through the month of January 2014.

Regards, Baz.